"Full of talent, real art, majorly thought provoking"


'zines / analogues


Weapon of choice


"mate, the pluperfect tense makes it sound as if you are barely alive..."

"majorly thought provoking + full of talent + real art + obtuse yet functional + much I don't like but it's all strong + an inspiration + he is a retard - and to think he was a tutor on my course + different"


On live performance...

"Awful! Brilliant! Awful! Brilliant! - from teeny tiny slithering, scraping, tapping and sounds I don't have a word for, to long, full-ensemble build up of tension, this was like... well, nothing. It's not like anything else. It's not referential to anything - it just is. There's no agenda, no message, it doesn't exhort you to do anything, or believe anything, it's just what it is. The evening consisted of first one, then two, then three, then four performers, playing sawn-off guitars with hammers, small suitcase-with-string-and-pickup,, circuit-mangled dodgy old gear. Accidental sound elements arrived, evolved, were passed around then devolved. It built up, and built up until, the four-piece ensemble in full chat... the amplifier aesthetic protection circuits gave a warning 1 second silence, then when the performers wouldn't desist, the amplifier drew a line and said (in effect) "this far, and no further" - a great ending! Did I enjoy it? - Hugely. Will I go to one of their gigs again? - Absolutely. Would I recommend it to everyone else? No. Scott and Colleagues are prowling the boundaries of rationality. If you like your world stable, sensible, with clear distinctions and categories - you don't want this. If you're already out there, near the edge of civilisation - you'll probably find your way to this. This is undermental sound art..."

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